DXpedtion to Wake Atoll 2013


The Forgotten 98

A group of US amateur radio operators are planning to operate from Wake Atoll during the first two weeks of October 2013. The purpose of this commemorative DXpedition is to honor the memory of 98 civilian contractors who lost their lives on October 7th 1943 during World War II. These contractors, who were working for Morrison-Kuntsen Company at the time, are often referred to as the “Forgotten 98”.

This operation, observing the 70th anniversary of their deaths, will be dedicated to keeping their memory alive and honoring their sacrifice.

The team of 12 will broadcast from two stations located on Wake Atoll from October 7th through October 18th 2013, using the special event call sign K9W.

There will also be a another special event radio station set up in Boise, Idaho, the former home base for Morrison-Kuntsen Company. On October 7th, the group on Wake Island will communication with this special event station, pause to read the names and home states of the Forgotten 98, and have a moment of silence. It is hoped that several family members of the 98 will be present at that time.

Further information about this important event can be found in the Wake Atoll website, www.wake2013.org.

The DXpedtition leader, Lou Dietrich can be contacted at n2tu@roadrunner.com

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