Metamucil Net, December 31 starting at 23:45

The Metamucil Net will again be on the air this year, near the stroke of midnight on December 31st. This is a rag chew net and all are invited to check in. Why the Metamucil net you ask? The history of this net and the name of it dates back, so Jeff was kind enough to tell us about it below. Happy New Year to all!

Metamucil Net – Just Another Net, At Midnight…!

By Jeff KA4WYC

For the 4th year in a row, there will be a Metamucil Net on the W4BFB Repeater 145.230 (-) tone 118.8. Come join us for a midnight check in. We’ll start around 23:45 on December 31st and continue until we get tired of talking or fall asleep.

I’ve been asked about the history of the Net. Well, with a lot of things it just kind of devolved over the years. It stems from an early morning drive time. Myself, KA4WYC and Butch WB4KJV were always in there around 04:45, with others checking in to say “Hey” like Steve KJ4FEL, and Gina KJ4PAF ! We’d talk of yesterday’s events, government shake ups, etc. But it would always lead to one of two topics, eating or our current health conditions. I came up with the Metamucil Drive Time Net, and it stuck. It even moved to the afternoon Drive Time too. We have such a great love for everyone on the Radio, Weave (Scott) W4EV may be the first one to coin “The Tough Love Net”. Yes, with barbs sent each way, and should a new Ham check in, they were privy to such abuse, but with the kindest of love one could muster. Such calls in the Drive Time were, Jack KG4BGA, Butch WB4KJV, Jeff KA4WYC, Frank KJ4YHK, and Weave W4EV. There were others, too numerous to name here. As conversations go we either talked of eating somewhere or our pains and ills of the day. Again, the “Drive Time Metamucil Net” was called to order.

After several years of this I decided to have a Midnight Net. Not being one to party hardy at New Year’s Eve, I announced there was going to be a Net on New Year’s Eve – The Metamucil Net. The first Net was held on Dec. 31st 2010. I would check people in and they would gave the year they were first licensed. We averaged around 15-25 Hams wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Some of the Charter Members have checked in every year.

I hope you decide to check in too!!! And Happy New Year!! 73 Jeff KA4WYC

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