Fox Hunting In Our Area

Hey everybody, I have some info, in case you’re interested in Fox Hunting, or might like to learn how to get started doing it. This coming Saturday Jan. 25th there are two groups doing a Fox Hunting event.

1. GCARS/SARC clubs will be at the Mountain View Restaurant in Kings Mtn, – 100 W. Kings St. on Hwy 74 Bus. at 8am, for a group meeting. The actual Fox Hunt will be in Cleveland county at 10am. Contact info is Brad – KJ4PAH (

2. The Union County Amateur Radio Society (UCARS) will be having a Fox Hunt on this same day. They will meet at 10am, in the parking lot at the Game Stop,14045 E. Independence Parkway in Indian Trail, next door to the Wal-Mart on Hwy 74. For contact info, send an email to: Bill Foust – KB4NET ( or Richard Morris

Hope you can catch one of these Fox Hunts! If you need further details give me an email.
Jeff KA4WYC ( or 704-577-3619

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