NC QSO Party February 23rd 2014

Announcing the 2014 North Carolina QSO Party
February 23, 2014

Sponsored by the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society

2014 Rules are now posted — see the Rules page for full details.

Highlights:  Digital modes!  EMCOMM challenge, and new bonus counties.


NC QSO Party on Facebook

That’s right, the QSO Party now has a Facebook page.  We’d love to see pictures or accounts of your 2013 operation and 2014 plans.  Check us out here.

Quick Start Guide
See the Rules page for full details.

Stations in NC contact as many other stations as possible.
Stations outside NC contact as many NC stations as possible.

Work out-of-state contacts one time per band and mode.  Work in-state contacts once per county, band and mode.

Club, Expedition and Mobile operations are allowed (and encouraged!).  There is a separate class for QRP; all stations must use low power (<150W).

NCQP Mailing List
For the latest updates on the contest, as well as discussions of upcoming operations, go to  You may also join via email.  Just send a message to to be added to the list.

Logging Software
Most current logging software has at least a generic “QSO Party” mode.  Check out our list of logging programs we know support NCQP.  Also, in order to facilitate log checking, please use the NC County Abbreviations list in your logs.  Most counties use the first three letters of the county name, but there are some which overlap.

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