If you have ever wanted to be a Ham Radio Operator.. Listen up

Greetings to all of our followers!

I can remember just a few years ago the feeling of, What in the world do I do to get my Ham Radio License? If you don’t know anyone that is already a Ham, this can be a question that is hard to answer.  Rest assured, you are not alone in feeling this way, as a lot of new Hams felt the same way.  I hope to answer some of those questions here, and the answer is quite a simple one once you know where to look for it. 

A little background first. The ARRL is the National Association for Amateur Radio, also known as the American Radio Relay League. On their website, you can find a ton of information on how to get started on your journey to become a Ham Radio Operator.  

The main thing to do first is study for the exam.  The first exam you will take is the Technician Exam (Element 2). It consists of 35 questions, and a passing score of 74% is required to pass. There are many MANY resources out there to help you study. Some are free, while other have a small fee. Popular these days are online courses that prepare you for the test. Here are just a few, in no particular order:







In addition to online courses, there are several books out there, some available for free at your local Library. 

ARRL.org offers study guides for each of the 3 levels of Amateur Radio Licenses, and has CD-ROM Study guide included with practice Tests.

The second thing you need to do is find a test session and go take that test! Bring your drivers license or a picture ID, and some cash to pay the test fee, which ranges from $10~15 dollars. (BTW that test fee allows you to take all three tests if you want too, but lets focus on getting your Tech).

I’ll make it even simpler. Google VE Test Sessions for your area. “VE” stands for Volunteer Examiners, the people who give you your tests. The ARRL offers test sessions all over the US, as well as other organizations. For example, in my area, the Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society (WCARS) hold test sessions all the time. So also search for Amateur Radio Clubs in you area, and see if they have any upcoming test sessions.  On the ARRL’s website, they will list all of their upcoming test session here

That’s it, thats all you need to do, to get your license. My advise, Study for the exam, take the practice tests, and when you can pass them with 90-95% everytime, you are ready!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today to get your “ticket” and enjoy the ride!

Chris, N1CRG

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