The 2nd annual BIG 100 NET on the PSG

Reminder, The BIG 100 net is this Tuesday night!

Piedmont Spotter Group

The Piedmont Spotter Group will hold their 2nd annual BIG 100 Net, on May 20th this year and we look forward to hearing from all of you on the net, as we again try to reach 100 check ins.  This year, much like last year, we are taking check in’s by radio, Email, RMS/Packet and Echolink. We’ll fire up the net at 7:45 and run until the check in’s run out.

  • On the Air, 145.230 & 146.940 will be linked together
  • RMS Node: N1CRG will be monitoring RMS for check in’s so send your messages to call sign N1CRG though RMS.
  • For our scanner listeners, we want to hear from you too! You can check in VIA email by sending a message to
  • ECHOLINK Stations, look for K4NET-L as it will be linked and you’ll be able to check in.
  • We encourage 3rd party check in’s on the radio, as this…

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