Special Christmas Edition of the Piedmont Spotter Group Net.

The PSG has once again gotten the “Big Round Man in the Bright Red Suit” to make a pass by the W4BFB repeater network.  Each year about this time, we link the W4BFB repeaters and Echo-Link node for one special night to have a moment of fun with the kids in our families or neighborhoods.  W4GCH will be Net Control for this event.
December 17 2016
18:30-20:55 EST
145.230 (118.8), 146.940 (118.8), 224.400 and  K4NET-L on Echolink
Round up the kids, the kin, the neighbors, and the XYL’s for this fun event.
We want this to be a fun event that introduces folks to just another facet of Amateur Radio
All are welcome to participate with or through a licensed Amateur Radio Operator.
Thank you and hope to hear you on the Net!!
Merry Christmas,

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