PGS Shakes things Up, New NCO’s

January 2019 is behind us, and we shook things up here at the Piedmont Spotter Group for the new year!

First, we have had some changes in the nightly lineup for Net Control Operations. Rick McClure moved to Sunday night for John Hull. We also added some new NCO’s to the mix. We would like to welcome aboard Andy Pagoota, W4WNO from Shelby. He moves into the Friday night slot for Joel. Also welcome aboard Bonner Pittman, W4BNR calling the net on Tuesday nights. We also would like to welcome, Bill Owens, KN4PXY from Mt Holly as an alternate NCO. Bill will be calling his first net this month!

We would like to thank Joel Lautzenheiser, K4DKX and John Hull, KN4DOH for calling one of our regular nights nets. Both of these fine young men have recently accepted positions in the Carolina Amateur Radio Club and have taken the reins by the bit! Joel is the President of the club, and John is the Vice-President! And to think we had Ham radio royalty right here at the PSG! HI HI! They have a weekly net at 19:15 on the K4ITL repeater in Dallas, 145.350 each Tuesday night. Be sure to swing by their site too Carolina Amateur Radio Club.

If you’ve been checking with us regularly, you may have noticed a slight change in our net Preamble. Nothing too drastic though. We know there are a lot of nets in our area, that we all like to check into as well. With that in mind we shortened things up just a tad to get to roll call a little faster so you can have time to participate in those other nets too. We are net friendly here at the PSG and encourage you to check into as many nets as you can, with as many clubs and groups as you can. Staying radio active is the key!

We are resurrecting training Wednesdays! Short and sweet, but full of information. If there is a topic you think we need to cover, shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll definitely consider it! We’re keeping it weather related but can expand to other topics too.

Speaking of nets, there is a new group in town and they have a brand new net to hit the airwaves! The Gaston Radio Club holds their nets on Monday’s, Wednesdays & Saturdays at 20:30 on the W4CQ repeater 444.450 (82.5) in Dallas. It’s a pretty wide coverage repeater to boot, so go and check them out also!

We’ve added EchoLink to the repeater! And when I say we I mean the W4BFB club. The node is under KK4ZIZ-L for now, with plans to add it to the repeater under W4BFB-R soon.

That’s all for this month! See you down the coax!

Chris, N1CRG

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