Local Emergency Nets

We want your support of our net, but we encourage you to check into other Emergency Communication Nets in the area also. Your check in helps the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) with their numbers that are reported to the state ARRL and eventually to the ARRL who is our voice and lobby for laws, issues and topics concerning Amateur Radio. To us Amateur radio is more than a hobby, it’s a vital link to emergency communications. Remember, when all else fails, there’s Amateur Radio.

Cleveland ARES Net: Monday & Friday’s 08:30 PM 146.880

Catawba Co RACES Tuesday 07:00 PM 145.17

Cabarrus Co ARES Tuesday 08:30 PM 146.655, (-) no tone

Mecklenburg ARES Net: Wednesday 19:30 146.940, Tone 118.8

Gaston ARES Net: Thursday 07:00 PM 147.120, Tone 100

Lincoln ARES/RACES Tuesday 07:30 PM 147.015

Rowan Co. ARES Wednesday 8:30PM 145.410 (-) Tone 136.5

Union County ARES Saturday 8:00 PM 145.390, Tone 94.8

Iredell Co. ARES 2m Net. Monday 7:30 PM 146.685, Tone 77.0

Skywarn Nets (ARES Sponsored)
GSP Regional Skywarn Net: Nightly at 20:00 145.470, tone 91.5

Charlotte Regional Skywarn/Piedmont Spotters Nightly 20:00, 145.230 Tone 118.8


Emergency Nets

Metrolina 2 Meter Emergency Net: Nightly 09:00 PM 146.940 (MECK ARES)

Piedmont Simplex Net: Sundays at 20:30 on 147.505 (Simplex)

HF Nets:

NC ARES HF Net 75m Net (Tarheel Emergency Net) Nightly at 19:30 3.923 LSB

Iredell Co. ARES 75m Net. Saturday 20:30 on 3.975 LSB


Digital Radio Nets

DMR = Digital Mobile Radio AKA MotoTRBO™ (MotoTRBO is a registered trade mark of Motorola Solutions inc)

South East D-Star Weather Net

Worldwide DMR Net –  Saturday at 1600z on TG1, DMR-MARC

North America DMR Tech Net – Wednesday 9pm local on DMR NA, DMR-MARC

North America TAC310 Net – Sunday 8PM on TAC310 (DMR NA), DMR-MARC

NC-PRN Tech Net 1st & 3rd Wednesday’s of the month 8PM, on PRN Talkgroup

Click Here for D-Star Nets



If you would like your net added to this page, or you need to make a correction,  please email the Webmaster