Mission Statement

Piedmont Spotter Group

Mission Statement

The Piedmont Spotter Group mission is to promote weather safety and awareness through training and posting of weather events on social media for the local media, and the citizens of the piedmont of North & South Carolina. We support Charlotte Regional Skywarn through weather spotting and giving them reports to pass to the National Weather Service.

Vision Statement

To earn the trust from the local community on being a family friendly group, open to all members of the amateur radio community regardless of class of license, or amount of time licensed.

Purpose of the Net

The net is held nightly at 8pm on the 145.230 W4BFB repeater. The primary purpose is to engage the Ham Radio community to remain active in Ham radio and be weather aware and prepared during severe weather. We will  promote weather safety through weather related and spotter training when possible . Other purposes will be to take and pass NTS traffic, take check ins, promote amateur radio, and have a rag chew on Saturday nights. Off net time we will support Charlotte Regional Skywarn during severe weather events by providing weather spotting, and pass weather reports to them.

Each Regular Net Control Station will be Skywarn Spotter trained and experienced in calling nets on amateur radio. We will have alternate NCO’s that do not need experience, and let them gain experience calling nets when needed.  Membership to the ARRL and W4BFB will be encourage but not required.


Piedmont Spotter Group was formed in 2012 as one of the first ham radio groups dedicated to weather spotting and supporting Skywarn in this area. We did so through social media and ham radio.

The Guiding Principals

A guiding force in the Piedmont Spotter’s Group is to promote goodwill in Amateur Radio, training, encourage New and Seasoned Amateur Radio Operators alike.