Net Check-in Protocol

When checking into our net, or any net for that matter, it’s important to follow proper procedures, net etiquette and protocols. Here are some important things to remember when checking in.

  1. Don’t speak too fast. More than likely someone is having to write down what you’re saying, and if you speak too fast it makes it difficult on the Net Control Operator and opens the door for mistakes to be made.
  2. Give your call sign phonetically at least once using ARRL/ITU phonetics.
  3. When calling net control, call their call sign or say “Net Control” and un-key. Listen for a moment to make sure there isn’t another station there to avoid doubling.
  4. DO NOT BREAK THE NET. Net Control is running the net, and if they need something they will ask for assistance. Breaking in on the net without permission from Net Control is a No-No.
  5. Proxy checks-ins are permitted, however the person should be with you, at the same location.